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Why Rotary?

Your Internet Browser - are you seeing the latest items?

Years ago, when bandwidth was limited, internet browsers featured a caching mechanism to show you web page content faster. Here’s how it worked ....

The first time you visited a website, the content you view was cached to your computer’s hard drive. The next time you visited the site, your browser checked the date of the website against the date of the copy on your hard drive. In a perfect world, the browser made the choice based on the date and time -- and displayed your website:

  • from your own hard drive if the online website was the same date as “your” copy
  • from the website , if it had the newer information

Since it isn’t a perfect world, you may not get the right information - the computer may still show you an older page.

We now have much better bandwidth, so you can skip the above machinations and force your computer to display the website content every time. The pictures below show you how to do this in Windows Vista. Windows XP settings are very similar. If you have a question or comment on this, please let me know.