Why Rotary?

Highway Cleanup:  We’re looking for the weather to cooperate for our next cleanup. Will be in touch! People are concerned about the incoming hurricane, so we WON’T be cleaning the highway on 10-27-12

When You Come to a Cleanup: The first map below shows the areas that we clean.  The second map below shows the PARKING area where we meet - diagonally opposite the Wegmans parking lot. Wear old clothes, boots and bring work gloves. I’ll have water.

Please read the information here so you are familiar with the NYSDOT rules and regulations. Thank-you !!


highway 11 2011 a-2
highway cleanup 070310-2

Time to put away the stick with the nail at the end and try one of these handy devices. I’ve noted that more of our members are switching to these devices for the highway cleanup:

These are available from the new Farm/Tractor store across from Applebees in Gang Mills !!