For Cogs Editors

Why Rotary?

Building Cogs

Here is a typical Cogs in word format. It may be helpful as you are building the weekly Cogs. When you’re done, save the Cogs with this name format:    2009 01 15 Crystal Cogs.doc and mail to Andy.


PDF Format We Use -- and How to Read It

The Corning Rotary directory and many of our postings are in the PDF file format. This format, chosen by Rotary International for documents, allows any computer to see the document as it was originally designed -- without having to have the software on your computer. PDF files are small and accurately preserve the original document. The plug-in to allow viewing is available free from Adobe. If you need the software, just go to the Adobe site for the free Acrobat program. It takes about 2 minutes to set-up.